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About Us

Gail and Saxo

Mango – 1 of the Terrible Trio!

I started Toos Nest Bird Boarding in 2011 after my employer, an avian vet semi­ retired leaving me with more time on my hands and a desire to spend more time at home with my own birds.

I have had a passion for birds since I was able to walk and have kept a variety of birds from zebra finches up to an Emu! My heart belongs to Cockatoos and over the years I have rescued and rehomed a few. I started working in a pet shop when I reached 16 and then moved on to a large bird specialist where I learnt a lot about different species of birds. I spent nearly 3 years working there before changing direction completely and becoming a chef for the next 16 years.

After a chance conversation in 2006 with my avian vet at that time I started working for the practice. I learnt a great deal from working with the various vets at this practice for over 7 years. No two days were the same. It was interesting and varied work. Eventually the practice closed and I found myself unemployed. Which is how Toos Nest hatched!

Being a bird owner myself I understand how important our birds are to us and how they are part of the family. I like to think that your bird is on their holiday as well as you. In fact we say they are on their Pollydays!

I welcome visits to view my home by strict appointment only.

I can provide a cage or if you prefer you can bring your own if your bird would be happier. Most birds settle in well if you just bring a few of their favourite toys and perches.

My routine is fresh water and seed or pellets in the morning and then a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables in the evening with a supplement. If your bird has a different routine I will cater for this. If your bird is on a pelleted diet then I would ask you to bring this with you.

All parrots must have had a recent blood test for PBFD ( Psittacine beak & Feather Disease).
This is a virus which can result in death. At present there is not a known cure. It is a simple test which requires a small amount of blood to be taken and sent off to the laboratory for testing.

The results are normally back within a week to 10 days. You will be issued with a certificate. I will need to see a current certificate. Certificates that are years old are NOT acceptable. If your bird boards at another boarding establishment or mixes with untested birds then I will require a re test before I can board them again.

The link below is to a company who are the UKs leading avian laboratory in testing for PBFD and DNA. Details on how you can test your own bird at home. It may also be possible for me to test your bird or you can use your own avian vet.

A few of years ago we appeared in the Parrots magazine. Please see link below.

Parrot Mag – Living With 19 Rescue Cockatoos

We are open 7 days a week but by appointment only. I am happy to accommodate early or late collections & drop offs by prior arrangement but I must ask you to call/text if you are going to be delayed. There is now a surcharge of £25 per hour for out of hours collections or drop offs.

Our collection and delivery service is suspended until further notice due to family ill health.

We offer ‘Polly Pampering’ bird grooming service. I can cut claws, polish beaks and trim flight feathers if required. This is now available on site. Home visits are not possible currently.

If you require PBFD or DNA blood testing for your bird please contact me directly for charges.

In December 2015 we relocated to Lenham Heath near Maidstone in Kent. This was a plan which was 2 years in the planning and has taken over a year to achieve but it now gives myself, my partner, my mother and most importantly My Birds a better life. It will also allow us to expand our boarding facilities.

Since moving we have a new purpose built bird room and a huge aviary.

New for 2019 we now have another amazing new aviary.

In 2023 we finally completed our cabin which now mean we can test for PBFD and DNA away from the boarding accomadation. We can also now offer Polly Pampering from here.